Home automation, also called domotics, is a system that allows climate, lighting, security, audio and video in the home to be connected and controlled. This makes it possible to pre-program, operate remotely and read out the data. Depending on the wishes of the client, we use manual controls to fully automated systems.




By this we mean the heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, electricity and sanitary installation of the house. Through the use of home automation and the self-learning properties of the central control system, energy use is optimized and deviations can be quickly adjusted by detection. The new regulations require an energy efficient house that can be optimized by a sophisticated coordination of the various installations. 



A home automation system can save energy without compromising comfort by optimally coordinating lighting and heating. Think of the integration of heating, automatic curtains and / or blinds and lighting. With accurate and up-to-date information on energy management, it is possible to identify the biggest energy users. It can then be determined which devices should be switched on and off automatically or manually. Also the overcapacity can be made clear for sale or storage if a surplus of energy is generated.


A good lighting plan provides a visually appealing and balanced result. Each lighting design is unique and created exclusively for each project.  The objective of a lighting design is to give each project its own identity and ensure adequate lighting levels and optimal visual quality of lighting. Thus, the lighting will contribute to effortless navigation and orientation through the spaces, and the lighting will provide the right atmosphere at the right time of day. Efficient lighting is selected with associated control systems to minimize energy consumption. 



In addition to the basic building amenities, the possibilities with regard to audio and video are almost limitless. Our specialized Associates can create a coordinated plan that we integrate into the design.