The development of the area is dominated by nature development and nature management. The existing sheepfold on the estate is a beautiful example of how construction can go hand in hand with nature. The new country estate house will be given a position within the landscape in an equally respectful manner.
Natural materials and colors match the pallet of the surrounding landscape. The building consists of 2 volumes. Firstly, the estate house itself and secondly, the outbuilding that partly serves as storage for the management of the estate. The construction and finishing of the walls of both buildings are made of wood. The roofs are thatched to match the surrounding grasslands. The color scheme is therefore neutral. The house is elevated above the adjoining grounds with a raised wooden terrace all around. In this way the impact of the foundation on the ground is minimal. Harmony and synergy between buildings and landscape are the key concepts in the further elaboration of this thatched country house and outbuildings.