Residence in Kennemerland, The Netherlands


In the wooded coastal area of Kennemerland, this exclusive villa was realized according to the sustainability requirements of the future, in anticipation of the upcoming tightening according to the BENG standards. The analogy with the American 'Lake Houses' and Adirondack style is clearly visible and makes the villa very recognizable. The project was realized in collaboration with Stock Dutch Design who have ensured a harmonious connection between interior and exterior. 


The villa was built for a family returning from America. The predilection for the Adirondack style and the warmth of those houses we have translated into a form that fits into the sloping context of the wooded area and fits within the upcoming new regulations regarding sustainability. The house has a very high insulation value, balanced ventilation and a heat pump system which, in combination with the large number of solar panels, provides the necessary energy for heating and lighting. An intelligent control and regulation ensures the optimization of energy consumption. In addition to these technical installation components, much attention has been paid to the use of sustainable and natural materials. Among other things, 'green' concrete has been applied and the use of wood is an integral part of the construction method and architecture.


The villa has a vertical dichotomy in material use, but also in functional use. In addition, the orientation of the various spaces to the sun has been decisive for the design. The sloping ground level was used to create a partially sunken basement, which has been provided with a nuanced brick in natural tones at the visible parts. The driveway is located at this low basement level and provides access to the parking facility and the studio. The basement also houses the installation rooms. A sloping walkway allows access to the main entrance, which is located on the level above the basement.


The higher first floor, like the basement section, features the same facade brick with slender aluminum dark-colored window frames. The slender facades provide wonderful light throughout the house, but especially in the "orangery" as we call it. Nicely oriented to the morning sun, this is a wonderful place to enjoy. The master bedroom and associated spaces are placed in a separate extension which uses, and overlooks, the quiet wooded part of the garden. All other regular living quarters are also placed on this floor.


The floor is entirely constructed in a timber-frame façade system with durable modified timber façade sections. The distinctive roof is also constructed from a timber frame system and equipped with a flat ceramic roof tile and an ample number of solar panels. The 'orangery' is equipped with a zinc standing seam roof to make the shape more distinctive. The first floor functions as accommodation for the children and guests. There are three bedrooms, each with their own sanitary facilities. A separate living room was created centrally on the floor so that the upper floor can be used as a separate living space.


The entrance hall is the connecting factor between the three floors. A large void with an open staircase provides the social connection and the feeling of togetherness despite the individual living spaces on the different floors. This connection between spaces is a central theme in the layout of the villa. Long sightlines combined with lockable doors of steel and glass provide the opportunity to create your own place without a feeling of isolation. The connection between spaces, residents and nature makes the villa distinctive and special.


The colorful interior was designed by STOCK Dutch Design. The rich design on the outside is complemented by the richly finished spaces, each with its own character. No two spaces are the same without losing their coherence. 

Duurzame villa Aerdenhout

Duurzame villa Aerdenhout

Duurzame villa Aerdenhout


Year: 2020
Area: 405 m2

Volume: 1,600 m3


Client: Private
Interior design: Stock Dutch Design, Haarlem
Installation advice: D-IA duurzame installatiearchitecten, Eindhoven
Structural engineer: Archimedes, Eindhoven
Contractor: Alkema Bouw, Zaandam
Hydraulic & Airco installations: M&O techniek, Wormer
Electric installations: GVE Techniek, Wormerveer