This contemporary villa with a classic modern look is located between the green, vast fields of Heusden-Zolder, a village located in East Flanders. The plot is surrounded by grasslands and forests. The private client had the desire to build a family home that is discreet and functional, but also a great space to relax and receive guests. The pronounced thatched roof highlights the robust, whitewashed brick volumes of the main structure.


The exterior of the villa is characterized by a modern, maximally transparent substructure, on top of which an ensemble of overlapping roof forms is placed in which, on the contrary, a more rural classical look is sought with subdued window surfaces with subtle rod patterns framed by stained wood fa├žade sections. The architecture of this house seeks a subtle balance between these contrasts, leading to a special timeless look where rural and modern come together.


The house is divided over four levels in an L-shaped plan. According to the wishes of the residents, the living spaces on the first floor are completely oriented towards the garden, terraces and swimming pool. Large glass openings ensure that inside and outside flow seamlessly into each other, creating a connection with the wellness and the beautifully landscaped garden by the clients.


Year: 2022

Area: 460 m2

Volume: 1520 m3


Client: Private
Architect: DENOLDERVLEUGELS Architects & Associates
Structural Engineer: Tom Hernalsteen bvba, Aalst
Contractor: ZDP, Lummen