In Amsterdam South, we have completely renovated this ground floor apartment. The house consists of basement, beletage and 1st floor and has a spacious roof terrace on the extension of the basement. The house has been rearranged and equipped with new stairs and new rear doors that provide access to the garden and roof terrace. The entire installation was replaced in order to meet current quality requirements.


The original layout consisted of long narrow rooms with little light, the house now has an open floor plan where the various functions are connected. As long as possible sight lines were created through the building to emphasize the space. 

The original staircases that provide access to the upper floor and the basement have been restored and are now part of the living spaces.

The master bedroom on the 1st floor features a walk-in closet and private bathroom. The bedroom features a light color scheme with warm wood tones and gives a luxurious hotel feel. This combination of light and a warm color scheme is felt throughout the home. A clear layout with lighter colors to emphasize the sightlines is interspersed with a warm color scheme in the places where more of an intimate character of the space is desired. The lighting plan provides optimal illumination of interior elements and enhances the desired atmosphere of the various rooms. 


Year: 2022

Area: 250 m2


Client: Private
Architect: DENOLDERVLEUGELS Architects & Associates, Eindhoven