In collaboration with Betul Canbaz Interiors, a design was made for this characteristic villa in the south of The Netherlands.


The gently sloping plot is surrounded by deciduous trees that provide shade and pricacy. The house is elevated and forms a whole with the stepped terraces adjacent to the garden. The first floor and terraces have an earthy, robust character with a materialization in natural stone and loam-colored stucco. The superstructure connects to the woody character of the plot and has a light building structure with wooden cladding with large glass fronts. The color scheme of the house is light and warm with darker accents. The main volume with striking sloping roof of oxidized copper has a vertical character and forms the heart of the house. Two horizontally oriented side wings with spacious cantilevered canopies and eaves of loam-colored stucco connect to it.  The flat roof parts are equipped with moss/sedum roofs with edges of overhanging greenery that connect to the green character of the surroundings. 

The materialization of the house is warm and natural with large glass facades connecting the interior spaces and terraces. The entrance to the house is located on the east side and provides access through the spaciously designed hallway to the spacious kitchen and dining room. A striking fireplace serves as the link between the dining room and the sitting room and lounge located a few steps lower. From the kitchen, wide glass doors provide access to the terrace on the east side with morning sun and the covered terrace on the west side with afternoon and evening sun. Through natural stone steps, flanked by lush green structures, the lower terrace with swimming pool is reached. In the side wing next to the pool are the wellness/sauna, guest house and chill area for the children.

The floor accommodates the master bedroom and bathroom in the main volume with sloping roof, with French doors connected to the balcony overlooking the garden. The south wing houses the checkroom, while the north wing houses the children's bedrooms with separate bathrooms.


In line with the design of house and surroundings, the interior and garden will be included as an integral part of the overall design. This overall design will be developed with sustainability as the basis. The house has been designed on the latest energy standards. Materials and installations are chosen so that a minimum of energy is needed to build and use the house and provides almost entirely for its own energy generation.


Area (GFA): 600 m2
Volume: 2000 m3