In the Lyceum district of Zeist, this spacious contemporary villa was built in an attractive modern style with a nod to classical style features. DENOLDERVLEUGELS made the design of the villa and the surrounding garden. 

The villa is characterized by the use of strong horizontal lines and large glass surfaces that connect the indoor and outdoor areas. Large glass surfaces from floor to ceiling with sliding doors provide a barrier-free connection to the garden and roof terraces. The villa looks spacious and transparent, making the most of the setting in the wooded garden. The traditional zinc roof and the use of warm materials provide a connection to the history of Zeist and its surroundings. 

The brick used for the fa├žade is a hand-shaped brick in the 'Hilversum format', whereby the full butt joint is kept to a minimum and the ribbon joint is set back slightly. This creates the characteristic horizontal lines in the masonry that fit so well with the horizontal lines of awnings and eaves. 

The garden is designed as an extension of the house. The house is slightly elevated, the spacious terraces provide a seamless extension of the living space and are largely covered by the free-hanging canopies so that even in bad weather the outdoors can be enjoyed. In sunny periods, the awnings provide the necessary sun protection, allowing the use of large glass surfaces. The garden surrounds the house with tightly lined terraces and walkways. Towards the edges of the garden, the vegetation in freer forms takes up a more important place, making the view from the house lush green and woody. A sophisticated house and garden lighting completes the overall experience.


Year: 2015 

Area: 290 m2

Volume: 1150 m3 

Contractor: Boswijk Bouw BV, Doorn 
Installtions: BOS Installation works BV, Utrecht 
Electric Installations: FUSE elektrotechniek BV, Veenendaal 
Garden: Van Dijk Tuinen BV, Bunnik 
Pool: Bos Swimming Pools BV, Twello


Michael van Oosten | DOV



HOOG design