Contemporary residence, The Netherlands


The design of the villa has a main structure of natural stone slabs with generous glass fronts in between, in a concave form oriented towards the  landscape. On top of this, an inverted roof structure has been placed, which catches the light like a 'chalice' and brings it into the interior of the house. A combination of lower, warm and secure inner spaces with surrounding high spaces with sloping roof surfaces that bring spaciousness and light into the house with views of the surrounding nature.


The house is placed on the transition line between forest and field. The characteristics of the forest - sheltered, dense, closed - and the field - open, light, transparent - are translated into the design of the house itself. The forest side is more closed in character and is embedded in the landscape by means of slopes against a natural stone retaining wall, with an opening at the entrance. From the forest side the house is inconspicuously placed in the green, a modest appearance with natural materials.


The field side has an open character with lots of light and views. In the extension of the radials, which have as their center the heart of the field with the water (the gathering place of water birds and animals), robust disks are placed that support the rising roof shape. The roof shape opens up to the sky and offers maximum light penetration and views of nature.

The house faces the open field landscape, and when viewed from the field, is placed on the meandering dividing line with the forest behind. The existing forest adjacent to the building area consists of mature trees, with extensive crowns with heights varying between 15 and 25 meters. Due to the striking, unambiguous roof shape, 1 level with a height of 5m, the house in terms of scale and size forms a subtle balance with the forest behind.


The materialization of the basement of the house consists of earthy, robust materials: stone and concrete. The slightly curved, floating roof is made entirely of wood, both the finish and the supporting structure, and refers in its materialization to the forest setting.

Light, air, sightlines and a strong connection with nature are the elementary themes in both the exterior and interior of this special home.


Area (GLA): 1.050m2

Volume: 4.500m3


Client: Private