Modern classic residence on the isle of Texel, The Netherlands


On Texel we are in the process of realizing this beautiful villa. The house is situated on a spacious plot in the middle of the landscape on the east side of the island.

The location of the plot presents a number of challenges. On one side it offers beautiful views and the plot is beautiful oriented towards the sun. On the other side, the view line towards the south is a vulnerable spot in terms of privacy. The view from the public road to the private areas should be prevented while maintaining the view. In addition, because of its location in the open field, a solution must be offered to the windy sea climate on the island Texel.

By shifting the 2 main volumes of the main building, windless patio-like interspaces are created that focus on the most important sightlines. At right angles to the main volumes, the traffic spaces are placed and the connection to the outbuilding.

By raising the surrounding ground level and using planters placed in the landscape as windbreaks, privacy is created while maintaining the view. Deeper sections in the ground level provide intimate seating out of the wind, and completely out of sight.

The structure of the house consists of long lines of sight to the horizon and the surrounding landscape of Texel. In the architecture of the house, these are emphasized by long lines in the facade and the ground level layout. The roof is placed like a dune landscape on these horizontal lines.

The materialization at and below ground level is rough and natural with the use of cleaved natural stone. The residential level with its strong roofline is plastered bright white. The roof is analogous to the dune landscape in thatch.

At the rear, one can see how the ground level folds down to provide access and daylight to the basement. The central staircase is clearly visible. The layout is also characterized by transparency and clarity.


We designed the interior in combination with a sophisticated lighting plan. The interior is characterized by long sightlines both horizontally and vertically along the central staircase. Along these lines of sight and walkways are the various living spaces that have an intimate character through the use of natural and warm materials. The color scheme is light, sandy, matching the island feeling. The entire interior is worked out in a VR model so that the clients could already 'virtually' walk through their house. A great way to test the light, materials and colors and adjust them to your liking.


interieur villa Texel

interieur villa Texel

interieur villa Texel


Area: 500 m2

Volume: 2250 m3


CLIENT: Private