Design for a thatched villa in the Rotterdam area. The house consists of a main volume in 3 layers with a thatched roof. The facade is articulated by means of a brick plinth and a facade of white stucco with a top strip of hardwood parts. The color scheme is natural with a dark color for the metal frames and awnings. The thatched roof includes a number of special dormers to make the floors as functional as possible. The floors are accessed by a central staircase in a spacious void. The staircase takes a prominent place in the appearance of the house and is equipped with large glass surfaces that provide light into the house. The main form is further differentiated by an extension to the side and rear with a connecting terrace roof and carport. French doors provide access to the terraces around the house where both the morning and evening sun can be enjoyed.


Plot: 950 m2
Area: 350 m2
Volume: 1200 m3