In the outskirts of Nethen, Belgium, this contemporary villa focuses on the beautiful view over the terrain sloping towards the river valley. The use of materials and colors is modest and timeless and blends into the surrounding nature.

For the design of the house, a connection was sought with the natural wooded character of the plot. The house follows the slopes of the site and has a stepped course deeper into the plot. 


The materialization of the house is characterized by a combination of earthy, natural materials with stepped terraces that respond to the sloping ground level. The facades will be executed in a combination of natural stone, stucco and wooden facade parts and will give the house a timeless look in conjunction with the natural character of the environment.


The house will meet the highest standards of sustainability, both in terms of material use and techniques and generation of energy.


The central positioning of the house allows for the creation of green buffers around it, which on the one hand determine the atmosphere around the house and on the other hand create privacy for the residents and neighbors.