This modern villa was realized in the plan ''t Vaneker'' in Enschede. The clean lines of the house in combination with the black and white materialization provide a powerful appearance. The roof is equipped with a flat slate tile that contributes to the sleek lines. The gutters are also integrated into the roof surface and the rainwater drains are concealed.

A lot of use has been made of glass fronts from floor to ceiling, reinforcing the relationship with the outside. At the rear, a large canopy with movable blinds is part of the lines of the house.

An open floor plan was chosen in which the spaces keep contact with each other as much as possible. The atmosphere is subdued chic matching the character of the house. The spacious kitchen is the focal point of the interior.

The entire house has a spacious basement where the installation is placed but also the cinema, bar and recreation room.



Year: 2020
Area: 425 m2
Volume: 1700 m3


CLIENT: Private 
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Bolwerk Weekers BV, Deurne
CONTRACTOR: Lammersen BV, Delden
W INSTALLATIONS: Wesselink Buunk BV, Enschede
E INSTALLATIONS: VOS Energie Groep, Oldenzaal