Modern classic villa Hillegersberg, The Nederlands


In Hillegersberg, this timeless villa was built with a modern classical look. The house consists of a 3-storey main volume with a roof and a 2-storey side wing. The fa├žade is articulated by means of a brick section and a top strip of hardwood sections. The kitchen at the rear of the building has its own roof containing the master bedroom. The volume is recognisable as a separate part, but flows from the main form and provides a human scale within the spacious layout of the villa. The floors are accessed by a central staircase in a spacious void. The staircase takes up a prominent place in the appearance of the house and is equipped with generous glass surfaces that provide light into the house. The kitchen is spacious with a dining/lounge area with fireplace. In line with the kitchen, a spacious terrace has been laid out, bordered by borders and lush grasses. The outbuilding is built in the same style and materials as the main house. Human scale, scale increments, indentations and nuanced differentiation within form and material are the main design factors of this villa. They give the villa a modern, classic and timeless appearance that fits in with the character of the surroundings.


Plot: 840m2
Area: 350m2
Volume: 1200m3


CLIENT: Private
STRUCTURAL ENGINEER: Archimedes, Eindhoven
CONTRACTOR: Van Baaren Aannemers, Lopik