2021 MDLX Modular Building System

MDLX is a unique and ultimately flexible building system that can grow and shrink with changing needs in the future. It consists of elements that can be linked together as desired to form entire structures that can be used as offices, living quarters, healthcare facilities, visitor centers......anything is possible.


In our opinion, a beautiful appearance is just as important as all the other advantages of the system. Beautiful materials, sophisticated details, open layouts and large glass facades create a timeless and beautiful look.


Building from elements makes it possible to create a wide variety of structures. Because there is a choice of materials for the finish, the buildings can also be adapted to everyone's taste and wishes. Because the elements can easily be linked, elements can also be changed over time. In this way, a building can grow or shrink in accordance with the wishes of the client.


The MDLX system is sustainable through the use of durable materials but also circular because elements can be reused after assembly. Elements can be repaired after use to extend a lifetime. The light and fast construction method is the basis for a 'minimum impact
impact' construction method, the environment is disturbed as little as possible on several levels, but also the health of the user and the climate are paramount.


With traditional construction, the design and preparation process is often time consuming. With the MDLX system, everything is already prepared and assembly can begin immediately. High-quality materials and sophisticated details form the basis for our industrial construction method. The construction itself is also much faster. This provides a significant advantage in lead time of the entire construction process.


In the building Villa Flora, Brightlands Campus Greenport, the 'box-in-box' concept is realized. Innovative companies get a nice workplace in our building system.