In the monumental apartment building 'Zonnehoek' in Amsterdam dating from 1916, designed by F.A. Warners (1888-1952), DENOLDERVLEUGELS has renovated an apartment (225m2). Characteristic elements of the existing building were combined with modern and contemporary interior elements. In close cooperation with the client, an interior was created that does justice to the monumental building and at the same time gives a colorful and contemporary answer to modern family life. 


The old light court was the ideal starting point for the design of the kitchen diner and forms the core of the apartment around which all other spaces are positioned. The clear characteristic structure of the building has been left intact. Monumental hallways connect the various rooms and the monumental niche with fireplace gives a glimpse of the past. From the kitchen there is a view of the front room, which has been furnished as a living room, and the back room with monumental bookcases that adjoin the spacious garden. The garden adds a unique oasis of calm to this apartment in the middle of the city. In the garden a studio has been built with large glass fronts where beautiful northern light provides ideal conditions for the creation of artworks. The clear structure of the interior is complemented by a colorful palette of finishes and furnishings, with geometric patterns forming a central theme. These geometric patterns can be found in the wallpaper and upholstery, but also in the lighting. The lighting plan ensures that interior elements, colors and works of art are optimally illuminated. In addition, the characteristic parts of the building are highlighted. The color theme is warm and powerful color tones are not shunned. The back room is entirely petrol blue and has a nice alternation with the other softer color tones such as gold, pale blue and green. The interior feels warm, rich and atmospheric. A home to enjoy perfectly matching the residents' wishes. 


Our apartment is truly an oasis of calm in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam. It's spacious, everything is on one floor and the layout is functional, giving everyone in our family enough privacy, even the dog, but it also embraces you when you're there alone. It really is an apartment to live in. In the cozy living kitchen everyone comes together, just as we had in mind. If we want to watch TV or quietly read a book, you retreat to the bright living room or cozy by the fireplace in the blue room. Something for everyone. The large kitchen island with fireplace invites you to dinner parties and celebrations, and the attached studio overlooking the garden is a kind of bonus. It is so nice and light, both in winter and summer, and so quiet that you can hear the birds singing and just forget that you're in the middle of Amsterdam, I can't imagine a finer place to work.

Facts & Figures

Year: 2016
Area: 225m2

CLIENT: Private
INTERIOR STYLING: Christel Vandegehuchte
CONTRACTOR: Construction company Van Rijn,Houten
INSTALLATION: Installatietechniek Rijnhuis, Houten
E-INSTALLATION: FUSE elektrotechniek, Veenendaal
GARDEN: Bonarius & Wakker, Santpoort-Zuid
DOMOTICA: Aeton Xcomfort 
LIGHTING: Modular Lighting Instruments | Artemide | Foscarini | Roll&Hill 
KITCHEN: Arjan Lodder Keukens, Barneveld 
WOODEN FLOORS: Soares Parquet, Amstelveen, the Netherlands 
TILES: Refin | Kerlite 
SANITARY: Hans Preyde Sanitary, Haarlem 
FIREPLACES: Jos Harm Exclusive fireplaces, Amsterdam 
UPHOLSTERY & FURNISHINGS: Co van der Horst, Amstelveen - Dotshop, Amsterdam - Neef Louis, Amsterdam-Noord 
WALLPAPER & ACCESSORIES: Luxury by Nature, Amsterdam, IJburg 
STEEL DOORS: Smederij Tukker, Hilversum 
FURNITURE CABINETS: Stek, furniture and custom-made products, Bloemendaal

PHOTOGRAPHY: Michael van Oosten


"DENOLDERVLEUGELS has a very good sense of spatial layout and a keen eye for lines and symmetry. Exactly what we were looking for for the renovation of this apartment, former physiotherapy practice.


Working with DENOLDERVLEUGELS is teamwork. They are creative, solution-oriented and think with you. Moreover, in their design there is room for your own ideas, so the project is the result of common strength and it really becomes your "own" house.


My husband and I had very specific wishes about layout and color perception. Thanks to DENOLDERVLEUGELS these were integrated into the design in a distinctive way. For example, we wanted the kitchen diner to be the beating heart of our home. Using the existing structure, they created an open, yet intimate connection between the heart and the surrounding spaces. They were the perfect sounding board when it came to choosing the interior elements. They sense exactly what suits you and how much freedom of movement you want in it, recommend the appropriate elements or the suitable supplier, go with you when desired or let you search and try out, after which they subtly give their opinion. Because we ourselves had clear ideas, this was the ideal form of cooperation and we are, really very happy with this wonderful end result."